About LIFT Sports Gear

LIFT Sports Gear is a brand focused on evolving workout and training gear. Our products merge functionality with design, giving you options when it comes to your workout and training gear.  We all know that feeling we get when we’re wearing fresh gear during our training session. Whether it’s a new pair of sneakers or our favorite apparel, it simply makes us feel good. At LIFT SPORTS GEAR, we feel your accessories should also achieve the same feeling.

Our mission is to develop the most diverse series of products that cater to all different types of athletes. For those that need a little extra support, to those that love to go heavy, we have the workout and training gear you need. At LIFT Sports Gear, we understand each individual’s goals are unique and how they get there will be unique. That’s why we developed a new line of training gear with the most variety, while focusing on function and design.


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